Do you want a loan without payroll? Exist! Read here

Do you want a loan without payroll? Exist! Read here

December 13, 2019 Off By Ellen Billman

If you are interested in loans without payroll, in HandMoney Financing it is not impossible to obtain one. We are a modern financial institution that offers loans of up to 5,000 dollars and, compared to traditional lenders, we do not consider paperwork or guarantees to be essential, and in fact, we avoid them. We try to simplify the process to the maximum so that in the application form of your loan you will only have to indicate your monthly income, without having to prove with a guarantee that you can face the loan.

What are payroll loans?

payroll loans?

Non-payroll loans are those that do not require a payroll as an indispensable requirement for your application and grant. However, it will always be necessary to provide income data, either via an unemployment benefit, a pension or by VAT and IRPF declarations in the case of the self-employed. Being an entrepreneur, freelancer, temporary worker, pensioner or being unemployed is not an inconvenience to get a loan in HandMoney Financing.

In HandMoney Financing we are aware that a payroll does not guarantee the payment of a personal credit, so we take into account other factors when it comes to providing financing for your projects, in a simple, convenient and fast way. And letting you decide on how many installments you want to repay your loan within a maximum period of 36 months. Do not let anything paralyze your professional and personal development and apply for one of our online credits, without supporting the bureaucracy that comes with requesting it from a traditional banking entity. In HandMoney Financing we are transparent, so you will always know the costs of the loan and when your payments will expire, everything is perfectly detailed in the contract. Only in this way can we achieve our goal of becoming your primary lender.

How to get a loan without having a payroll in HandMoney Financing?

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As you can see, on our website we only ask you to fill in some fields through the application form, which will take only a few minutes to complete. In this form we will ask you about your income.

Alternative income

It is necessary to have regular, regular and sufficient income to face the repayment of a loan, but it does not have to be in the form of a payroll but the alternative income data can be provided. By alternative income we refer to those we have mentioned before: unemployment benefits, pensions or tax returns in case of self-employed, etc.

Process completely online

We are only interested in the information we need to assess your request, to make the process as comfortable and agile as possible. We work with an algorithm that allows us to know in a very short time if your credit will be approved or not. In the event that yourloan has been approved, the issuance of the money is made immediately and you will have it in your bank account in a matter of what the transfer takes. Everything is processed through our website, making the process 100% online, without having to make a call or move to any physical financial institution, therein lies the key to the success of HandMoney Financing, in offering solutions practices to face unforeseen events. When everything is digitized, the user can access the loan service with the only requirement of having an Internet connection, from any device (be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone) and from anywhere.

Doubts about these types of loans?

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The application process is simple and is clearly explained on our website. Even so, if at any time you have a question, you can consult it with our customer service center via email, by phone, through our Frequently Asked Questions section or through our social networks, Where we will be happy to assist you daily. We will speak to you clearly and we will be transparent explaining the conditions of the loan at all times.

If you need financing, think no more, use our simulator and request up to 5,000 dollars online, conveniently and quickly. And you decide how to return it: We offer you the flexibility of being the one who indicates how and when to make your payments and how much you can assume in each monthly payment always based on your economic capacity.